Moel y Ci

Adroddiad Ras Moel y Ci Race Report 

May I begin by assuring you that the Welsh version of this report will follow very soon.

Well, another fantastic turnout for Ras Moelyci, with 117 runners registering on the day. Once again, many of the runners commented on how they value this race, either as a tester for their winter training, or as the springboard for their preparation for the coming season after a winter of rest, relaxation and wine. Like last year, the weather decided to play ball and although it was really cold, the sun actually came out too although it couldn’t dry up the mud that lay in wait for the runners after so many weeks of relentless rain.

The camera men from local TV company, Rondo Media, asked if they could come along to find out more about sports like fell running that don’t receive much attention. They interviewed some of the runners and organisers as well as catching some video footage from the day. It will appear in their “Clwb” programme soon.

Gareth Hughes running for Mercia set a blistering pace from the off by leading the runners through the thick mud out of the fields of Moelyci farm and on towards the pot-holed tarmac and grassy lanes towards the energy-zapping boggy ascent to the summit, and those close on his heels in the early stages changed position now and again. Sarah Ridgeway of Run Snowdonia led the ladies from the start and never lost grip of this lead.

Even the crazy horses of Moelyci couldn’t put the runners off (you have to see Sports Pictures Cymru’s photos to understand what I’m talking about), and it’s reliably reported that official back marker, Dilwyn Rowlands, tried to jump on the back of one of the horses in order to save his tiring legs. A massive thanks to marshal Steve “SPJ” Jones, for rapidly acquiring horse-whispering skills and calming the crazy equines down. See his separate report as it makes extremely fun and interesting reading (I’ll upload it for him because the old John Wayne wannabe doesn’t do FB much). Thanks too to marshal Dafydd “Bugs” Williams for running up the hill to help SPJ with his horse dilemma, but forgetting to mention his severe allergy to horses and the anaphylactic reaction he usually gets when he’s near a horse. Now that’s dedication!

Once again the views of Elidir Fawr were magnificent as the runners rounded the back of the mountain as they approached the push towards the summit. The slippery descent seems to have claimed a couple of scalps, albeit temporarily, and they got back to their feet and pounded onwards towards the woods. The finish line, in its new position at the top of the small hill, was described by many runners as the sting in the tail of the race, zapping the last of their already waning energy as they clambered up towards the red tape, the smiling faces of Ann, Sharon, Sioned and Arwel with their stopwatches and encouraging cheers of “well done”, and the welcoming aroma of hot soup and a roll.

As many predicted, first over the line was Gareth Hughes (Mercia) in a brilliant time of 39.05, with many onlookers commenting that it could have been the muddy conditions that prevented him from getting closer to Richard Roberts’ course record. Less than a minute later in 2nd place was the lightening fast Spaniard, Michael Corrales (NWRRC), in his first local fell race in a time of 39.52. Not far behind, in 3rd place, was young and ever-improving Eryri Harrier, Owen Roberts, over the line in 40.15. Owen has a fantastic fell running career ahead of him if his current performance is anything to go by. The V40 category was won by Johnny Moore (Eryri) in 43.26. First V50 was David Soles (Pennine) in 45.28. Dei Jones of Eryri claimed the V60 prize and was so excited at his first category win a while. Great to see that even seasoned fell runners with years of experience still get excited by

their performances. Finally in the male section, the ever-impressive Eryri Harrier, Don Williams, easily clinched the V70 title in 57.26.

In the ladies race, and again as many in the know predicted, Sarah Ridgeway (Run Snowdonia) took the title by storm clinching the win, as well as the V40 category in 46.16. Closest rival, Lizzie Irvine (Eryri) crossed the line in 50.18, with Eryri’s Jennifer Charlton coming in 3rd in 51.19. Ali Thomas (Eryri) took the V50 title in 54.42, and Eryri’s Maggie Oliver ensured her name remained firmly on that V60 title by crossing the line in 72.07.

The junior race attracted nine runners and they all performed sterlingly. The race was won by Daniel Soles (Pennine) in 9.06, closely followed by his brother Samuel (Buxton), likely to be some good rivalry there! All the other junior runners did really well and deserve a mention: Georgia Parkinson, Abbi Parkinson, Iolo Llyr Roberts, Dylan Pye, Gwion Rhys Parry Evans, Mared Enlli Evans, and Tilly Craine. Well done all of you. Enjoy the Easter eggs.

Eryri Harriers were well represented at the race with 36 club members running. In total, 117 runners registered and there was only 1 DNF.

A massive thank you to the following for making the race a big success:

All the staff at Ffarm Moelyci; the marshals and other volunteers; and you, the runners. Without all of you, there wouldn’t have been a race.

Race results will be available on the Eryri Harriers website and Facebook pages and the WFRA website.

Please let me know if you spot any errors in this report or the results.




Moelyci 2016 Results

Round-up at Moel y Ceffylau

Round-up at Moel-y-Ceffylau

Having been out of running due to injury for the last couple of months I opted for an easy day marshalling at the Moel-y-Ci race. I was located where the runners hit the first road, a place which offered a good view of the early stages of the race. As the race started a mass of runners appeared along the track and were soon crossing the open ground below me but were quickly joined by three horses which galloped into view. At least they will stay down there I thought, little did I know!

With the race organiser’s permission I had opened up the fence next to the stile and was counting the runners as they passed through the gap. With two thirds of the field having past me I was suddenly confronted by the three horses trying to follow the runners through the fence. They had obviously decided to join the race and were looking to break the course record and possibly win the team prize.

No way I told them, not without any race numbers – besides which they were not carrying the obligatory safety gear so I knew the race organiser would not be too keen on them continuing. I had no other choice but to disqualify all three – a head to head stand-off ensued with the biggest horse but I was adamant that they were not going to get through the gap and continue down the road. Unfortunately, a small queue of runners was building up behind the horses so I shouted for them to use the stile and continued to count them past but as I was distracted the big horse managed to push past me. Whilst it waited on the road for the other two it decided to investigate the contents of my rucksack, probably looking for a mid-race snack! With all runners having past me I was on the radio complaining to the organiser about my new duties and asking for some help with the horses – I was rather worried that they would wait until the runners returned and gallop alongside them to the finish, plenty of scope for an accident there.

The big black horse now seemed engrossed in a spot of lunch, luckily not my lunch, so I took the opportunity to try and move the other two away from the gap and into a nearby field. They didn’t really want to move and hitting them on the backside and shouting ‘yiha’ didn’t seem to help – guess they hadn’t been watching the same Westerns as me, it always seemed to work for John Wayne! I eventually managed to move them down the track and ran (not supposed to be running yet, don’t tell the Physio) back to try and move the big horse off the road but it was even less interested than the other two. Just then a horse and rider appeared up the road – I guess this was the organiser’s way of sending help?

Trying to be helpful the lady rider suggested that I grab the horse by the mane and lead it back to the others – no way I said, whilst the race organiser had been meticulous with the marshall instructions there was no information about ‘leading horses by the mane’ so I couldn’t possibly do that. Her next suggestion was to take off my marshall bib and wave it above my head and shout loudly at the horse to get off the road. This action seemed more feasible – I can’t remember what I was shouting, probably not printable, but apparently could be heard way down the field. The horse was obviously fed up with me by now and beginning to think I was a bit bonkers so it decided that it might be safer to join its pals on the other side of the fence. Luckily all three headed along the path and towards an open gate away from the race route – running and shouting like a mad man I managed to get them through the gate and into the field where they proceeded to watch the rest of the race unfold and make better plans for next year.

At that moment Craig and Hayley appeared up the hill wondering what all the commotion was about – shame they were not a few minutes earlier as they would have been able to record an interesting video! No sooner had I closed the gate than the first runner appeared and the race progressed without any of them knowing what had been happening whilst they were on the hill. With all runners through it appeared that I had one too many but I’m sure I only counted those with two legs which went past me…………

I informed the race organiser by radio that all was well and that the horses were not heading back with the runners – he suggested that perhaps I might like to ride one of the horses bareback to the finish; maybe next year, a new version of the man v horse race?! Actually next year I’m really hoping to run the race again, it will be much easier than marshalling!

Steve Jones (SPJ)

Presentation Evening

The event takes place at Lodge Dinorwic (the old school building in Dinorwic at the top of the Fachwen road)on the 26th February 7pm.

Tickets will be £10 for adults and £5 for under 14s and includes a delicious two course meal. Bring your own beer etc as no licence for alcohol.
Tickets will be available from stuart Macdonald and other committee members, also will be available at Moel y Ci and the Oswestry Cross Country.

Keswick Mountain Festival

Eryri are hoping to get a team together to enter the Keswick Mountain Festival Trail races in May 2016. We need a mixed team of at least 6 members spread over the 4 different races, these are 5K, 10K, 25K & a 50K Ultra (2,000 metres of ascent). The races are held on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd May, full details on the Keswick Mountain Festival Web-site Entry includes T. Shirt, Pasta Party & Concert Ticket with many other Festival attractions available it’s a great weekend up in The Lakes & lets face it they could do with some support after the recent floods. Anyone interested please contact Paul Hodges at who will co-ordinate our team entries. He’s in the 25K but that doesn’t stop you opting for that distance too, this will be his 4th year in this race so clearly he loves the route! Hopefully we can sort out some pooled transport.

November Mountain Report

As another season/year draws to a close there aren’t too many races to report on. However, there have been a couple of old favourites and a new team event.

On the 1st November the Clwydian Hills race from Cilcain was held. Three Eryri runners turned out with Russell Owen leading them home followed by Sarah Caskey. Unfortunately, Lou Beetlestone retired.

The following weekend was Rhobell Fawr and there was a larger turnout from the club. Led home by Matt Fortes in 4th place in 57:39, followed by Paul Jenkinson 10th, Rory O’Donnell 14th, Peter O’Brien 18th, Iwan Edgar 23rd, Bronwen Jenkinson 24th/3rd Lady, Becki Law 34th, Ruth Metcalfe 39th, Ali Thomas 47th, Maldwyn Evans 52nd, Ellie Salisbury 55th, Jack Roberts 58th & Maggie Oliver 64th.

Then on the 21st November it was time for the Penmaenmawr Fell Race. Organised by Eryri member Chris Near this race is the traditional finale to the fell racing season. Always a fantastic turnout (195 this year) and a large number of Eryri Harriers runners. The race was won by Math Roberts in a new record (1:08:38) comfortably beating Gareth Hughes and Lloyd Taggart in to 2nd & 3rd. Given the quality of Gareth and Lloyd it is worth noting Math was over 6 minutes clear! This rounds off a fantastic season for Math who, although he now runs for Calder Valley on the fells, he still runs in the famous green and red on the roads and cross country. Math has had a brilliant year which has seen him competing with the very best in the UK and win a Gold Medal at the British Relays. His run at Pen shows he is still in great form and I’m sure he will be mixing it at the front again next year.

Behind Math there were 29 Eryri Harriers led home by Hugh O’Donnell in 5th place (3rd Sen M) 1:19:32. Matt Fortes 7th, Russell Owen 15th/1st M50, Sion Harlow 16th, Paul Jones 17th, Gwion Williams 25th (shocking cut up of one of the HBT ladies on the last corner!), James McQueen 31st,  Iwan Edgar 33rd, Paul Jenkinson 34th, Derek Weaver 38th/1st M60, Becki Law 47th/3rd Sen Lady, Gary Porter-Jones 48th, Paul Hodges 49th, Megan Hughes 63rd, Emlyn Roberts 75th, Sarah Harley 80th, Nic Brook 84th, John Mainwaring 86th, Nia Albiston 87th, Chris Baker 90th, Lucy O’Donnell 103rd, Hayley Turner 128th, Tamsin Fretwell 129th, Jackie Lee 130th, Ellie Salisbury 136th, Harri Roberts 140th, Alex Fletcher 150th, Maggie Oliver 165th/1st F60, Alwyn Oliver 166th. Following the race there was a stewards enquiry regarding Maggie’s racing tactics as reports were received that she had kicked Alwyn out of the way, had then stuck her elbows out to stop him getting back past and that if he didn’t let her win there would be no tea on the table that night!! Ha! PS. That’s a joke! Maggie won fair and square! At least that’s what Alwyn says!

As always Pen was brilliant. The weather was amazing, the one good day in a month of gales and floods, the beer tasted great and it was great to see so many people.

Finally on Sunday 29th three intrepid teams set off to take part in the Lee Mill Fell Relays. The story of this event is the weather (at least looking at the photos it is!), which was at the very least ‘challenging’! The teams were made up from a variety of sources but primarily from the Thursday Night Hills Group, a real credit to the success of these nights and to Dyfed Whiteside Thomas and the others involved. Eryri 1 were 11th (Sam Green, Sam Orton, Dyfed Whiteside-Thomas, Shaun Davies). Eryri 2 were 56th (Elin Haf, Dilwyn Rowlands, Jen Charlton, Phil Lines) & Eryri 3 74th (Rhian Whiteside-Thomas, Helen Morgan, Llinos Greenhalgh, Jeanine Lewis).  I think there may have been another team but they don’t appear on the results? (Emlyn Owen?) It certainly looked wet and wild but a good time was had by all!!

Sunday Morning Runs are back under way so keep an eye out on the facebook page. They too had a seriously wet and windy first run out to Ogof’s Cave and this weekend are meeting at Bus Stop Quarry heading for Elidir Fawr.

Looking into December there’s not too much to mention:

6th Cardington Cracker (although it’s the same day as Caernarfon Border League – Arwel would kill me if I didn’t mention that!)

20th Eryri Harriers Xmas Fun Run

27th Jubilee Plunge

1st Jan Llyn Llydaw

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year and may the Running Gods be kind and generous on the 25th!


Lee Mill Relays

Dydd sul Tachwedd 29 trafeiliodd 3 tin Eryri I gystadlu yn ras “Lee Mill Relays” a cynhalwyd yn Rossendale ger Bury.

Cynhelir yr ras o gwmpas chwarel Lee Mill, cwrs 6.5 milltir, gyda phob aelod o’r tim yn rhedeg yr un cwrs,

Mwynhaodd pawb y diwrnod er gwaethaf y tywydd garw, gwelir linc

Three teams from Eryri Harriers travelled to Rossendale near Bury to compete in the Lee Mill Relays on Sunday 29th November.

The 6.5 mile course was a loop around the Lee Mill Quarry. All four members of each team had to run one leg each.  Everybody enjoyed themselves even though the weather was atrocious (see link)


Yn cynrycholi Eryri oedd: Eryri Harriers Representatives:

Tim Merched / Woman Team : Rhian Whiteside Thomas, Helen Morgan, Llinos Greenhalgh, Jeanine Lewis

Tim Cymusg / Mix Team: Elliw Haf, Dilwyn Rowlands, Jennifer Charlton, Phil Lynes

Tim Dynion / Mens Team: Sam Green, Sam Orton, Dyfed Whiteside Thomas, Shaun Davies





Penmaenmawr Fell Race Results

The weather forecast gave everyone a few causes for concern . But, in the end we were incredibly lucky and runners enjoyed the best of the days weather …. wind dropped significantly and even a couple of hours of sunshine.

Local, Matthew Roberts( Calder Valley ) was simply in a class of his own . He dropped the rest of the field after only a few hundred metres and didn’t look back. He was home in a record time of 1.08.38 , a full 6 minutes ahead Gareth Hughes in second  -place. Lloyd Taggart ( Manx Fellrunners & previous record holder ) took the other podium place.

The ladies race was dominated by Hunters Bog Trotters club . Briony Curtis , Megan Mowbray took first and second spot , closely pursued by local runner Sarah Ridgeway .

The race was once again supported by sponsorship from Penmaenmawr Town Council . The highlight for many was the Conwy Brewery Fell Race ale that runners received on the   finish line . Once again the race ( which is completely not-for-profit) made a considerable amount for local charities. This year , proceeds will be used to purchase life-saving defibrillators for local villages .


Chris Near, race Organiser


Pen Race 2015 ResultsPDF