Could you give something back to the club?

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Have you enjoyed the benefits of running?

Have you enjoyed the efforts by others who organise races and events?

Ever thought of putting something back into the sport?

Would you be interested in helping out with coaching junior club members?

The club currently has a trained coach in the form of Paul Jenkinson who organises and manages the weekly coaching sessions for our juniors from Llanberis. However Paul has limited time available and we could really do with another person to help him out and fill in the gaps.

To that end the club committee have agreed to fund another coaching course for the right person.
The course involves 2x weekend training inputs.

If you know someone else who would be interested please pass this onto them, even if they are not currently club members. It is not essential that the person is a current runner, though this of course would be beneficial.

Perhaps someone at the end of their running career looking for other ways to stay involved and enjoy participation in the sport, or maybe someone who was a runner in the past.

Becoming a coach doesn’t mean you need to be an expert on running, and you don’t have to join the committee!

In the last 12 months we have seen new junior members join and also an increase in the numbers of juniors attending races. Lets keep that momentum going.

If you need further information please contact Paul on 07787 578401, or myself to discuss.

Thanks for reading.


Club Chairman