An extra ‘Long’ now in the Welsh Championships

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An extra ‘Long’ now in the Welsh Championships
Peris Horseshoe to be included
Dear Welsh Fell Runners,
Those of you who are interested in completing the 2017 WFRA Open Welsh Championships will have spotted that this year only one Long race (Preseli) was included in the Series, and that there is a requirement to complete a Long to qualify. 
We have since received feedback from members who have commented that this set up wasn’t conducive to a successful and inclusive championship.  After some committee discussion it has been decided to add an additional Long race this year, namely Peris Horseshoe, making the Welsh Champs now a series of 7 races.  Hopefully this will now encourage more members to qualify for the Championship series.
The original decision was correctly made at the AGM after some debate, however due to the limited numbers at the AGM the outcome of that debate perhaps hasn’t been fully representative.  There is a danger in making this change that we are seen to be going against the decision at the AGM, and in fact this is the case, but we hope that members understand the reason and support it.
It does show the importance of members expressing their views, and ideally attending the AGM.  It also demonstrates that we listen to the feedback of members when we haven’t quite got it right.
Reminder that V60s and under 23’s are not required to complete a Long.
Looking forward to a great fellracing year, one which kicks off this weekend at Tarren Hendre, as the first counter in the North Wales Series.