Club Mountain Running Championship 2019
14th May: Mynydd Mawr (EOD)
25th May: Ras y Moelwyn (Also a British Championship race. Pre entry)
15th June Foel Fras (EOD)
22nd June: Moel Hebog (Usually EOD)
20th July: Ras yr Wyddfa (1st round of pre-entry on March 15th)
25th August: Cnicht (Entry on day).
31st August: Gladstone 9 (Pre-entry and EOD)
28th September: Pedol Peris (pre-entry and EOD)
The format is best 4, with a min of 3 to count.
2018 Club Championship
Men 1st Gavin Roberts, 2nd Matt Fortes (v40), 3rd Craig Jones (v40) 4th Emlyn Owen (v40).
1st V50 Russell Owen
1st V70 Alwyn Oliver
2nd v 70 Geoff Fielding
1st Nia Albiston (v40)
2nd Andrea Rowlands (v40)
1st v50 Ellie Salisbury
1st v&0 Maggie Oliver







Club Champs 2017 – best 5 results with minimum of 4 to count

Female                                   Male

1st Miranda Grant                         1st Craig Jones

2nd Louise Beetlestone                2nd Kean Rowlands

3rd Sarah Harley                            3rd Emlyn Roberts

F40 Megan Oliver                        M40 Emlyn Owen

F50 Ellie Salisbury                        M50 Russell Owen

F60 Maggie Oliver

2016 Results

Men Overall

  1. Martin Cliffe
  2. Paul Jenkinson
  3. Kean Rowlands
  4. Craig Jones
  5. Gary Porter-Jones

Women Overall

  1. Miranda Grant

2. Louise Beetlestone

=3. Emily Wood Ellie Salisbury

5. Maggie Oliver

Men V40

  1. Martin Cliffe
  2. Paul Jenkinson
  3. Craig Jones

Women V40

  1. Emily Wood

Men V50

  1. Kean Rowlands

Women V50

  1. Ellie Salisbury

Women V60

  1. Maggie Oliver

Men V70

  1. Geoff Fielding


Dates of all races available in WFRA or FRA calendars.