Final 2019 British Champs report: Creag Dhubh

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Final 2019 British Champs report: Creag Dhubh

The final British Champs race took place in Newtonmore, in the guise of a Highland Games gathering. As anticipated, it was something of a bun-fight, with over 5 fences to cross on the route out, plus a river to negotiate, and the same again on the return…which would have all been manageable with a small field, however with around 300 competitions, it was a bit ‘chaotic’. Suffice to say, Im relieved to still have my teeth, after narrowly missing an elbow on one of the energetic fence crossings…

6 Harriers travelled up for the race: Becki Law, Matt Fortes, Richard Roberts, Russell Owen, Kate Worthington and Miranda Grant. Im sure you’ll be glad to know our hearing is still intact after being exposed to around 500 bagpipes all playing in unison….

The final standings for Eryri Harriers in the British Champs are:

Richard Roberts 8th V40, and Matt Fortes 10th V40. Russell Owen is a fantastic 3rd place overall in the V60 competition, well done Russell!!

Miranda Grant was =5th, and Kate Worthington 10th V40 woman!

A breakdown of results is found here:

Well done everyone who took part in the British Champs this year, roll on next years races!!