Found GPS device near Llanberis

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My wife and I walked to the summit of Snowdon on Saturday this weekend gone and found on the road Pen-y-pass side of Llanberis a GPS device in good order and barely marked. From its contents we guess it belongs to either a runner, keen walker or cyclist very local to Llanberis, but there is no name or home detail within this device. Someone will want it back, the Caernarfon Police are aware, Mountain Rescue have looked within the device to try to locate the owner to no avail, the manufacturer has been contacted in case it’s registered with them and we called in at two of the local locations within it to no avail.

Could you please ask your members if they know of someone who has lost one this weekend?  The police have my details and I will only release it to someone who knows the device details and it’s contents for obvious reasons.

Sincere thanks. This is a good piece of kit.

Kind regards.


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