Could you give something back to the club?

Have you enjoyed the benefits of running?

Have you enjoyed the efforts by others who organise races and events?

Ever thought of putting something back into the sport?

Would you be interested in helping out with coaching junior club members?

The club currently has a trained coach in the form of Paul Jenkinson who organises and manages the weekly coaching sessions for our juniors from Llanberis. However Paul has limited time available and we could really do with another person to help him out and fill in the gaps.

To that end the club committee have agreed to fund another coaching course for the right person.
The course involves 2x weekend training inputs.

If you know someone else who would be interested please pass this onto them, even if they are not currently club members. It is not essential that the person is a current runner, though this of course would be beneficial.

Perhaps someone at the end of their running career looking for other ways to stay involved and enjoy participation in the sport, or maybe someone who was a runner in the past.

Becoming a coach doesn’t mean you need to be an expert on running, and you don’t have to join the committee!

In the last 12 months we have seen new junior members join and also an increase in the numbers of juniors attending races. Lets keep that momentum going.

If you need further information please contact Paul on 07787 578401, or myself to discuss.

Thanks for reading.


Club Chairman

Eryri Harriers Sunday morning social / training runs

Darllenwch yr isod / Read below,

Trydydd rhediad dydd Sul 18fed Tachwedd Ffordd Bryn Pistyll yn Llanllechid (GR: 6232 6825) am 10:30 / Third run this Sunday 18th November at 10:30 from Bryn Pistyll Road in Llanllechid (GR: 6232 6825) for 10:30.

Yn gorffennol bu Rhedwyr Eryri, diolch i rai fel Jeremy Williams a Steve Barnard yn cynnal sesiynau rhedeg ar foreau Sul. Roedd y rhaion yn achlysuron ymarfer gydag elfen gymdeithasol ac yn amrywio lleoliadau. Aeth yr arfer i’r gwellt, felly penderfynnodd nifer ohonom bod yr arfer yn un gwerth ei atgyfodi er mwyn:

  1. Gweld gogoniannau Eryri yn hamddenol;
  2. Cymdeithasu ar foreau Sul – ond dim yn rhy fore rhag ofn bod yna ambell i nos Sadwrn hegar wedi bod;
  3. Cyflwyno aelodau newydd i redeg (boed fynydd lwybr neu lôn).

Ryw awr a hanner i ddwy fydd hyd yr amser y bwriedir ei gymryd (efallai ychydig yn hirach weithiau) ac yn hamddenol h.y. mor ara deg a’r un slofaf ar y diwrnod. Bydd pawb yn cael cyfle i nabod ei gilydd – dim hyfforddi caled. Bydd grwp o’r aelodau yn eu tro yn trefnu lleoliadau, gyda golwg ar grwydro cymaint o fannau gwahanol â phosib o Gonwy i Drefor ac o Rosgadfan i Groesor.

Mae’r tabl yn y dogfen i’r dde yn rhestru’r dyddiad, amser a lleoliad ac e-bost yr un sy’n gyfrifol am y diwrnod. Bydd y wefan a’r e-bost wythnosol yn ailgadarnhau y manylion bob wythnos. Os byddwch yn bwriadu dod i redeg ar unrhyw un o’r dyddiadau e-bostiwch yr un sy’n gyfrifol i ddweud, ond fel arall gallwch ymddangos a gobeithio bydd pawb yno heb fynd hebddoch chi.

Fel arfer, byddai’n ddoeth dod â bag canol gyda’r pethau arferol ynddo fo – ac ychydig o bres efallai rhag ofn y bydd gofyn i stopio mewn caffi a ballu.

In the past the Eryri Harriers thanks to members such as Jeremy Williams and Steve Barnard religiously organised Sunday morning social / training / exploratory trail and fell runs, following a hiatus of a few years it has been decided to restart these legendary runs for the purpose of:

  1. Exploratory morning runs of classic Snowdonia areas;
  2. A bit of social moidering on Sunday mornings—not too early considering possible events the night before!;
  3. Introducing new members to the wonders of running (so could be fell, trail or road).

These runs will roughly last between 1.5-2hrs (sometimes longer) and the pace will be very relaxed, i.e. As relaxed as the slowest member of the day, again the idea being to meet the three purposes above so by no-means a hardcore training session. A group of Eryri members will host the runs with the idea to open it up to a large an area of Snowdonia as is possible, so from Conwy to Trefor and from Rhosgadfan to Croesor.

The table in the word document on the right lists the date, the time, the location and the e-mail address of the day’s host. The club website as well as the weekly e-mail will reconfirm all these details per week, if you definitely think you’ll be attending then please e-mail the week’s host, but otherwise just turn up as you please.

As is usual, if you prefer bring a bumbag with all normal ingredients as well as some cash for a cafe stop if you please.

Rhedeg Nos Fercher / Wednesday Evening Runs

Rhedeg Nos Fercher…

A’r gaea’ wedi cyrraedd a’r cloc wedi ei droi – mae hi’n dywyll yn gynnar ac yn amser i feddwl am redeg gyda’r nos. Yn eu caredigrwydd mae Dilwyn a Sioned Rowlands wedi cynnig eu gwasanaeth i drefnu gweithgaredd o’r fath ar nosweithau Mercher. Fydd y rhedeg ddim yn rhy sydyn – na phoener am gael eich gadael ar ôl. Bydd hyn yn gyfla i fynd ati i redeg am y tro cyntaf neu i ddal gafael rhag mynd yn llesg a di-lun dros y gaea’. Mi dydd hyn mewn mannau gwahanol bob wythnos: e.e. Y Foryd, Parc Menai, y Ddau Lyn Llanberis. O ran pellter rhwng 5 i 10 milltir, ac o ran amser 40 munud i awr a hanner. Mi dydd y tir dan draed yn amrywio o lôn i dir garw. Yr amser cychwyn fydd 1830. Bydd y wybodaeth am y lleoliad ar y wefan ac mewn e-bost wythnosol bob wythnos.

A chofiwch bydd isio torjis pen hefo chi.

Rhediad gyntaf yn dechrau o gwesty Fictoria yn Llanberis am 18:30 ar 14 Tachwedd.

Am manylion pellach cysylltwch a:


Wednesday evening runs…

With the winter upon us night runs will become inevitable, as a result Eryri club members Dils and Sioned Rowlands have decided to volunteer their services to host a Wednesday evening social run. These runs will be steady paced so don’t need to worry about being left behind – perfect for getting into running or just for ‘ticking over’ the winter months. The locations will vary per week, from Caernarfon’s Y Foryd, to Bangor’s Parc Menai to Llanberis’ ‘Dau Llyn’. The distances will vary from 5-10miles, time from 40mins-1hr30mins. Running surfaces will also vary from road to trail to semi-fell, meeting time will be 1830. Weekly details will be communicated via the club website and the weekly e-mail.

Remember your head torches.

First run to start from the Victoria Hotel in Llanberis on the 14th November.

For further info, e-mail:


Rhedeg Nosweithiau Iau / Thursday night runs

Rhedeg Nosweithiau Iau:

Hysbyseb arall hyfforddi /gymdeithasu gan aelodau’r clwb: Dyfed Whiteside-Thomos a Nick Jones (un o drigolion newydd Llanberis) yn barod i gyfarfod cydredwyr am 1915 o flaen yn y Syrjeri Doctors, Llanberis ar nosweithiau Iau dros y misoedd nesaf – yr un gyntaf ar 8fed Tachwedd. Rhedeg ar y lonydd o gwmpas y pentref fyddan nhw fwya a hynny heb fod yn rhy sydyn. Croeso i bawb ymuno.

Thursday night runs:

Another Eryri crowd social / training run to advertise. Dyfed Whiteside-Thomos and new Llanberis resident Nick Jones are happy to meet people at 1915 at the Doctors surgery in Llanberis on Thursday evenings – the first being the 8th November. Over the coming months the run will mostly be on the roads around the village and ran at a steady pace so again anyone welcome.

Juniors: Ras Moelyci 2011

The 2011 Moelyci race went ahead today with 130 seniors and 6 juniors running in good weather.

Thanks to all those who helped: Moelyci Environmental Centre for the event centre and access to their land and help from their staff and volunteers, Registration & Results Team, Eryri marshals, Team Dolly radio marshals, cameramen, friends and families.

Best wishes to all for a good year out running in 2011, Jeremy Williams.

Ras Moelyci Juniors results –

Eryri Mountain running club champs after Sedbergh

Club champs after Sedbergh now in excel file on rhs.

Math Roberts still leads overall from Matt Fortes in 2nd and big Noel Craine in 3rd. In mens 40’s Craine leads from James McQueen, in the 50’s Arwel Lewis is 17 points ahead of SPJ with Mike Blake leading the 60’s from Don Williams.

In the ladies crocked Becky Law leads by a mere 6 points from Ali Thomas and Andrea Rowlands, Ali leads from Ellie in the 40’s, it’s a tie between Bridget and Annie in the 50’s, with Maggie leading the 60’s.

Ras y Wyddfa is the next counter!

June 2010 Newsletter

Hi Guys,

Big thanks so all this edition’s contributes,  I had enough material to put together a bumper eight page newsletter . Please click on the link to the June 2010 newsletter file to download it.

All the best


Images of Eryri Runners

If you are a photographer, amateur or professional, and have taken photos of events where Eryri Harriers runners have competed, please email to have your photos linked to this website.

Alastair Tye and Pete Douglas from Team Dolly have been taking photos and videos on the fell for a few years now and provides their images for free on their websites:

Its a great service and very much appreciated by everyone. Cheers Guys!