Maesgwm Muddle report and results

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Well that was a long day, thank goodness the weather held off till the end.

Thanks to all the helpers especially those who believed they were helping in the field and got sent up into the mist when promised help dropped out the night before.

Strange about all those who turned up to compete after the race had started thinking it was a 1pm start despite having a ‘note new start time of 11am’ in red on the entry form they had sent in? Comments received that it was a cracking course even by those who had nearly collapsed on the finish line.

Well done Jackie, 1st Welsh and Eryri British champion for 2 decades and backed up by Andrea and Helen T led the ladies to a silver team medal, now for 2015 girls.


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  1. Norman Berry Posted on 09/01/2014 at 10:46 am

    Congratulations and thanks to you and all your helpers for an excellent race (from a spectator’s point of view anyway), Mike.
    Thought I’d let you know that photos I took of the race are on Holmfirth Harriers website – HHAC flickr gallery, or accessed directly at

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