Ras y Gader

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Eleven club members raced at the weekend’s Cader Idris Race.  Heavy rain the day before and on the morning of the race left a very wet course, with rivers flowing on some of the paths it was slippy conditions all round.

At the summit Richard Roberts was leading for the club in third position, with 11 seconds between him and the second placed runner, but he managed to catch him and claim second overall by half a minute, an excellent result.

In the ladies a strong climb by Miranda Grant and a steady descent held onto her second place all the way to claim the same position.
Owen Roberts was 1st under 23 and an amazing 5th overall, surely one to be top three in the future.

Martin Cliffe took the first v40 slot.

Despite all 300 places being sold out in advance only 233 finished on the day.  The full list of Eryri members are below.


Richard Roberts Eryri Harriers 2 01:28:18
Owen Roberts Eryri Harriers 5 01:32:03
Martin Cliffe Eryri Harriers 8 01:36:14
Adrian Williams Eryri Harriers 20 01:40:21
Miranda Grant Eryri Harriers 26 01:42:19
Craig Jones Eryri Harriers 28 01:45:06
Michael Belshaw Eryri Harriers 46 01:51:18
Megan Hughes Eryri Harriers 89 02:01:33
Steffan Evans Eryri Harriers 90 02:01:42
Nic Brook Eryri Harriers 99 02:04:14
Steve Jones Eryri Harriers 203 02:31:23

4 Responses to "Ras y Gader"

  1. Adrian Posted on 05/23/2016 at 8:18 am

    Very disappointing that the online entry system used this year led to many Eryri runners who regularly run this race unable to race.

  2. Gary Porter-Jones Posted on 05/24/2016 at 1:03 am

    Totally agree with Adrian. Not what grass roots fell and mountain running is about. You turn up on the day, you pay your entry fee and you run; that’s how it was and how it should be. Why are so many races going for the online entry approach these days? It’s spoiling it. Can understand it for important races like British champs etc where the organiser needs some control over a massive event, but an ordinary race? Can’t we go back to how it used to be?

  3. Math Roberts Posted on 05/26/2016 at 1:35 pm

    Can’t agree more with the above. Cader has rapidly deteriorated in my view in recent years. The entry fee has skyrocketed from £8 to £18, in the meantime the cash prizes for top 3 runners has disappeared and Jon Bowie who won this year, came home with a biro, a usb stick, a big t-shirt and a water colour of Cader. An income of £5400 needs to be justified, not just for race prize winners but for all competitors…………and yes the 67 non starters is terrible.

    Be interesting to see how many don’t turn up to PCP.

  4. craig Posted on 05/26/2016 at 2:25 pm

    I agree with the previous comments. It was a shame to see so few Eryri racing, and I know that a few wanted to but it was sold out. I got in with only three places remaining after a chance look at that awful facebook thing!

    One thing I picked up on this year was that when I registered I learned from one of the volunteers that it was the highest entry this year, as they normally only get about 240/250 or so. So it was disappointing to see that despite having 300 entries they’ve ended up with less finishers! This has of course got to be because people enter in advance and then can’t be arsed doing it after looking at the wet conditions or whatever. But they could have sold those places on the day! In my view better to have less entries, but actually have most of them turning up and finishing.

    Online entries and advertising also tend to encourage less able people or those not necessarily fellrunners per se, and this was evident when watching some of the finishers, who were clearly out of their depth. Further, perusal of facebook clearly shows comments from those who’ve never previously run a fell race and have decided to give Cader a crack as a challenge. We don’t need to advertise fellraces, that has always been the policy of the FRA since the beginning.

    Regarding the cost, I did raise the issue on behalf of the WFRA with the organisers before the calendar went to print, and in fairness they did slightly reduce it from the original intended cost. As you know I actively promote the need to keep costs down to ‘no profit’ in line with the WFRA drive to keep commercialism out of fellrunning as far as we can. There will always need to be a margin for error, especially in big races where it harder to judge if you’ve got it right, and I know they only started the chip timing last year so hopefully they can review this for next year.

    Suggest making your views known directly to the organising committee as I did, and will do, as otherwise they won’t see the need to change.

    Otherwise, yet again a cracking event, great organisation and the usual fantastic atmosphere at the square in Dolgellau as previous years.


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