Monday Evening Session

Meeting at 6.15 at the lagoons carpark, opposite Snowdonia watersports (the old Surflines).

The session will be open to everyone, from newbies to people who have been training for years. It doesn’t matter what your ability is, it will cater for everybody and be all inclusive and a chance to meet lots of like-minded people, improve your fitness and have fun in the process. The session will be varied each week, between flat sessions on the cycle track, hill reps and grass sessions.

You can also contact James Harwood on for more information see the Eryri Harriers facebook page for more details/updates:


Thursday Night Hill Session

Louise loves training!


Thursday Night Hill Sessions – Llanberis.
Forget what you think you know.
This is what happens on a typical Thursday hill training session in Llanberis. Everyone gathers at 7:15pm on a Thursday night at the Electric Mountain Carpark. Lots of friendly people to speak with and very welcoming to new members. You may know a few runners, you may not. You’ll exchange names and pleasantries and then you’ll run. The group can be between 15 – 30 individuals. In the summer the group …will take to the hills and mountains of Snowdonia. In the winter usually held in and around the streets of Llanberis. If you look on Strava you will see that it is in the shape of a dog. Intentional or unintentional it’s pretty cool.
Everyone will run to the top of the first hill (road/lane). The faster perhaps more competitive runners will run ahead (It is training after all). The slower runners will run up the same hill, some will walk and talk and everyone meets at the top. We wait for everyone, we have a bit of chat, races coming up, injuries, head torch on the blink and if you had dinner or not. Then we all run down and repeat the next 7-8 hill reps. You can push as hard or as little as you like. No one will judge you on how quickly or slowly you ascend as everyone is concentrating on their own growling stomachs and the lactic acid building up in their thighs and calves.
The individuals come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. There are teachers, plumbers, electricians, GP’s, outdoor instructors and engineers. There are young people, middle age people and older people. There are people who have just started running and there are people who have been running since their childhood.
These sessions have been the catalyst in the improvement of my running. The sessions and people will motivate you to be more active, improve you confidence and running ability. You’ll make friends who you will see from time to time outside of the Thursday Night sessions (which is a bit weird as everyone is wearing trousers) and you’ll exchange your latest victories, losses and where you can buy a cheap pair of fell shoes.
See link below for the Thursday Night Hill Sessions in Llanberis.
Give it some beans!

Thank You

Sunday Morning Runs (SMR)


Mainly over the winter weekends when there are no local races, a group meets at 10.30am on Sundays.  The locations in northern Snowdonia change each week to give variety and to introduce newcomers to different routes and terrain.

There is usually scope for two groups to allow for different speeds and fitness levels.  If the planning has gone well, the groups meet back at the cars after about 2 hours and adjourn to a café to refuel.

Sunday Morning Run Facebook Page