Urgent Ras yr Aran Information

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Urgent Ras yr Aran Information


Covid 19  –  Instructions for athletes


At present the Government has not ordered nor advised the abandonment of outdoor sporting activities of our size so the race will continue.


However it is important that we take as many precautions as we can to prevent the spread of the virus to fellow runner, officials or the local community through our activities. Please refer to PHE advice


You should NOT attend the race if


  • You are feverish and have symptoms of respiratory infection cough cold shortness of breath ( this is sensible whatever the cause of your illness)
  • You have been directly advised to self isolate, or is in a group that the government has advised to self isolate.
  • You think you have been in close contact with someone who has has the virus, or if you think you may have it


People can have the virus and feel well so there may still be people coming who has it.

To minimise the chances of contamination please remember


  • Follow hand washing advice.
  • Avoid unnecessary physical contact (!)
  • Not to bunch up if queuing for any reason
  • If the weather is fit stay outside as much as you can, don’t congregate around registration or any lists.
  • If you arrive early consider returning to your car til warm up time.


We will try to make the flow of people through the number pick up as smooth as possible.

Subject to weather the presentations will be outside. We will try to keep them brief.

We will not be offended if those who are confident in their disappointment wish to go home without attending the prize giving.

We can post their prize on to any winners who don’t wish to stay.