Who to insure your fellrace with?

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The club committee have agreed that any Race Organiser who is organising a fellrace on behalf of the club may obtain a race permit/insurance from whichever organisation they deem fit. 

This removes the obligation decided several years ago that they must obtain it from Welsh Athletics/UK Athletics. 

This decision recognises the fact that the burden of responsibility for race organisation and safety lies primarily with the Organiser, and therefore responsibility for meeting the permit issuers’ rules and regulations also lies with them.

The committee recommends that in order to reduce the risk of falling foul of litigation/disciplinary action Organisers should examine closely the rules and regulations pertaining to the permit they have received and ensure that their own race organisation meets them.



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  1. Emyr Davies Posted on 01/24/2014 at 7:50 pm

    This appears to be raising the compulsory registration issue ‘thro’ the back’ door’. This is an issue for the AGM, NOT the Committee. There are instances where Committee members have taken, what would appear to be ‘corrupt’ advantage of Committee meetings where only a small number of members were present, to make decisions they shouldn’t have. There appears to be a change in UKA Rules, due to come into effect on 1st of April, which might affect the Registration issue.
    Emyr Davies

  2. craig Posted on 01/25/2014 at 4:32 pm


    Thank you for the feedback on the website.

    Rest assured this decision is not connected in any way to the compulsory registration with WA/UKA issue; compulsory registration for individual members remains unchanged.

    The matter came up in the last committee meeting where it was identified and acknowledged that the recent controversial changes to the FRA safety policy will have a direct effect on an individual fellrace organiser. We rely heavily on the goodwill of volunteers to put on fellraces on behalf of the club, and the onus for ensuring compliance with relevant safety rules set by the permit provider fall to the Race Organiser.

    The committee recognises that as the safety buck stops with the Organiser rather than the Club, we should not be in a position where the committee are making it compulsory for Organisers to obtain a permit from only WA. The reason for this is that the WA permit will be issued in accordance with the FRA safety rules, which are different to those issued by other permit issuers (one example and the most commonly used is the WFRA, but there are also other providers).

    As a result we have agreed that with immediate effect the Organiser will have the choice. To do otherwise could place the Club, or more specifically the Committee members, in a position where we are accepting overarching responsibility for safety, which would be wholly unacceptable to committee members.

    The committee meeting was well attended by those members with appropriate knowledge and experience and the motion was not opposed. This will provide those members who organise fellraces on behalf of the club the benefit of choice.
    Be assured this was no underhand method of taking ‘currupt advantage’ by committee members, it was an urgent response to a recent change in the situation, and made in order to protect our members.

    I hope this reassures your fears.



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