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Club Championships -Mountain


Eryri members have the opportunity to compete in the club’s annual Championships, which include events selected before the start of each season, as follows –


7 Races, across different distance.

Your best 3 race results to count.


1st Race is Fron Four on 30th March. Looking forward to seeing lots of Eryri Harriers at these races.

Note: The shorter Welsh 1000s race is the club champs counter (feel free to race the longer race but it won't count towards your club champs points)

Points: The Club Championships will use a points score 22 for 1st Eryri Harrier runner in race, 20th for 2nd and then 19, 18, 17 etc if more than 21 Eryri Harrier runners in a race then everyone placed 22nd club runner onwards gets 1 point. Then we add points based on your place in your AG. 10 points 1st in AG, 8 points 2nd in AG, 6 points 3rd AG, 4 points, 4th in AG and 2 points 5th in AG.So if 10th Club runner and 2nd in V60 then 12+8= 20 points. See table below for example. Let's see how it works out!!


Club Championships: We will place everyone in their AG and then using the Points System to have one overall Male and Female List. Will the youngsters or the more mature runners win the overall points system?!

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