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Cyfres Nos Fawrth

The now famous Midweek Series (also known as the Tuesday Evening Series) was originally devised by Alun ‘Wills’ Williams and Henry Stansfield, but has been organised and coordinated by longstanding club member Mike Blake for the last 20+ years.


The Series involves a number of short fellraces up to about 4 miles taking place at locations across North Wales.  They are an excellent introduction to fellracing. The series comprises 12 races for adults and juniors (all ages from 6 up).

Please enter using the relevant form here:

Seniors :

Juniors (u7s-u15s)

NB: several race organisers have asked that everyone doing their races fill in the online form, even if you've already completed a paper one, apologies for any inconvenience, but it should be quick to do.

You only need to fill in the form once for the whole series, and it doesn't commit you to running. You must complete the online form by Sunday night before the 1st race you want to do. You'll get an email confirming yr entry and allowing you to edit.


Entry fees:

Seniors/u17/u19: Cash. £20/series or £2/race.

Juniors: £8/series (preferred - contact Neal Hockley for payment details) or £1/race.

Canlyniadau (8 ras gyntaf)

Tabl y Cyfres

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